WON Landing Page OCT 2022

Wisconsin Women Fish Ice Angler Project

The Women Ice Angler Project is a media event designed to spread the word that Women ice fish, and some are quite good at it. It all started in the fall of 2015, when all the ice fishing magazines came out and we noticed that there was no pictures of Women Ice Fishing.  Our anger was turned into a project to create media content to share among ice fishing companies, ice anglers, and the general public. A group of media professionals was assembled and off to Lake of the Woods we went. Outdoor First Media filmed the event and there were numerous photos, articles, videos, and radio interviews that developed from the project. Well it worked.

The 2016 magazines are out and we see many of the images we created, as well as other images of Women Ice Fishing. Women who saw the media content we created, contacted us, are are now going on fishing adventures with WI Women Fish. Its a good start, but we are off to Lake of the Woods again, to gather more quality footage, images and story lines to share with the world.

Learn more about the Women Ice Angler Project.

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