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NRA Sponsors National Hunting and Fishing Day

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (February 12, 2016) – In the 1960s, hunters and anglers embraced the era’s heightened environmental awareness but were discouraged that many people didn’t understand the crucial role that sportsmen had played-and continue to play-in the conservation movement. That all changed when sportsmen and women took a stand and embraced conservation through legislation and declarations in the coming years.


The National Rifle Association (NRA) has lobbied for conservation and believes in programs that further the advancement of our natural resources. As another year passes, the NRA continues its relationship with National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF Day). National Hunting and Fishing Day is set-aside for sportsmen to celebrate those conservation efforts. Each year, NHF Day is set to take place on the fourth Saturday in September. This year NHF Day falls on Sept. 24.


The NRA supports many efforts to preserve and promote America’s rich hunting heritage at the federal, state and local levels, including Right to Hunt and Fish state constitutional amendments, policies assuring no net loss of public land open to hunting, mentoring programs for new hunters, hunter safety training programs, range development programs, the use of firearm sound suppressors and the repeal of laws that prohibit hunting on Sunday.


The NRA goes above and beyond to promote conservation,” said Misty Mitchell, director of conservation programs, Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium. “It means a lot that the NRA is willing to support NHF Day. Without sponsors like them, it would be impossible to get the word out.


Led by sportsman President Theodore Roosevelt, early conservationists urged sustainable use of fish and game, created hunting and fishing licenses, and lobbied for taxes on sporting equipment to provide funds for state conservation agencies. These actions were the foundation of the North American wildlife conservation model, a science-based, user-pay system that would foster the most dramatic conservation successes of all time.


As the number one organization for hunters in the United States, the NRA helps to educate and prepare future generations to enjoy and responsibly use our natural resources,” said Kyle Weaver, Executive Director of NRA General Operations. “The NRA couldn’t be more proud to partner with National Hunting and Fishing Day in their mission to celebrate the outdoor lifestyle and traditions that are enjoyed by millions of Americans, while highlighting the fact that sportsmen and women are essential to conservation and wildlife management efforts.


National Hunting and Fishing Day is dedicated to celebrating those efforts. The NRA is very supportive and goes above and beyond its ability to voice their values as an organization for the sportsman.


Generating more awareness for conservation, NHF Day is dedicated to spreading the word through any avenue possible and social media is one of the largest stages to do this and the hashtag #1conservationist will help them accomplish this goal.


Visitors are encouraged to visit www.facebook.com/nhfday for a wide variety of information including a comprehensive overview of NHF Day, sponsor information and event planning details.


NHF Day is proud to recognize its loyal sponsors that include: National Shooting and Sports Foundation, Smith and Wesson, Bass Pro Shops, NRA, Yamaha, Keep America Fishing, Realtree, GunBroker, Wonders of Wildlife, Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Izaak Walton League of America, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation.
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