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Julie Golob: Op-Ed Piece on Marie Claire’s Skewed Feature Regarding #Womenandguns

The fashion magazine Marie Claire appears to be taking on the issue of women and guns. I personally found their coverage to be far from in-depth and it just skims the surface. What it does is present 10 different stories of those affected by firearms. The micro site opens up with “The Stats” and according to Marie Claire and the Harvard Injury Control Research Center survey, “Most Americans favor stricter gun control, but women want it more.”

Julie-golobFrom politics, victims, gangs and the lobby to addressing access, need, danger, and the decision, each piece is meant to stand alone, and is shared on Marie Claire’s Facebook page as such. Hilary Clinton and Carly Fiorina face off  with Clinton’s emotional plea vs. Fiorina’s call for facts and true leadership. There are heart wrenching accounts from the families of victims,  rape survivors and female gang members.  I was pleased to see the acknowledgement of “The Sport.” The story here offers no commentary or opinion except that of All-American gun girl Katelyn Francis in her sport of 3-Gun.

Read the rest of Julie’s response to this feature, and also, her answers to Marie Clarie’s questions — which it did not use in this article.

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