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Father/Daughter Team of Singer Mark Wills and Macey on Team Elk

Kristy Titus joins father/daughter team of country music singer Mark Wills and Macey Wills on Outdoor Channel’s Team Elk

On this week’s RMEF “Team Elk” on Outdoor Channel, Kristy Titus hosts country music singer Mark Wills and his daughter, Macey, for her first elk hunt. Not only is the show full of father-daughter moments, but the hunt means so much more as Macey’s stomach can only handle lean meat, which in the past meant no red meat allowed in her diet.

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“Hi, my name is Macey Wills. I’m 12-years-old and I eat elk meat,” so states Macey as her first elk hunt begins with Titus leading the way. “I have a digestive problem in that whenever I eat meat, my stomach hurts two hours later,” concluded Wills. After a successful elk hunt a few years back, dad and country music star Mark Wills discovered elk venison was the one rare thing that didn’t bother her stomach.

The localvore organic movement is taking America by storm. As hunters we understand what goes into providing meat for the table; we give reverence to the sacrifice that the animal makes in order for us to sustain ourselves,” noted Titus. “Watching Mark and Macey afield on this hunt, hand-in-hand, seeing her first experience as an elk hunter with her father by her side was priceless. Kids need to appreciate the value of wildlife and wild places. This episode is a great example of how and why hunting is still relevant in our society and the positive life impact it provides kids.

“This was truly one of the best experiences that Macey and I have ever had together and sharing it with Kristy and RMEF was simply amazing,” concluded Mark Wills.

Tune in for RMEF Team Elk on Outdoor Channel this Thursday at 10:30 p.m. and Sunday at 11 p.m. ET.

About Kristy Titus

With a shared passion and love of the outdoors, Titus is honored to serve as an ambassador for Cabela’s, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, RMEF’s Team Elk television Show, Host of NRA I Am Forever, Buck Knives and Montana Silversmiths. Titus was raised leading a pack string of mules into the backcountry of Oregon, experiencing the thrill of public land, do-it-yourself hunting. Titus is an NRA Basic Pistol and Refuse To Be A Victim Certified Instructor. She shares her passion for fitness and nutrition as editor for Western Hunter and Elk Hunter magazines. Learn more at http://kristytitus.com, https://www.facebook.com/KristyTitus and https://instagram.com/kristytitus/

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