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Photo of the Day: Mother-Daughter Day on Montana’s Flathead River

Mother-Daughter Day on Montana’s Flathead River

Flathead River

Aubrey is all smiles and looks like a pro the way she’s holding that cutty. Photos courtesy Glacier Anglers

Fly-fishing literature is rife with tales of fathers and sons, but that’s not the only parent-child option. Darwon Stoneman of Glacier Anglers in West Glacier, Montana, sent in these great photos of Jess Sturm and her daughter, Aubrey, having a great time catching westslope cutthroats on the Flathead River.


Photos courtesy Glacier Anglers

Jess instructs Aubrey on the basics of picking up a trout.

And speaking of mothers, don’t forget to share the great video of a mother and her daughter fly fishing, which we released last week. Every time you share the video with the hashtag #LongLiveMoms, Orvis will make a $1 donation—up to $10,000—to Casting for Recovery.

Photos courtesy Glacier Anglers

What’s better than bonding on the water?

Written by: Phil Monahan

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