Emily Monroe: So You Want To Buy a Gun … Get Trained

So you want to buy a gun…And by making that decision you are joining the roughly 37 – 50% of Americans who have also chosen to own a firearm. The reason to buy a firearm is personal. I will get into a few of those reasons later in this series of posts, because the reason you want a gun should affect your choice of which gun to purchase. But before we get too far, let’s start at the beginning: Get trained.

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Why Get Trained?

No matter how much time you spend reading stuff like what I write or talking to your gun-owning coworker or watching Dirty Harry, there is no substitute for dedicating time to learning about firearms and firearm safety. Just like how you didn’t learn much about probability (or “sabermetrics”) from watching Moneyball, you probably won’t learn much about what it actually means to be a safe gun owner from observing anyone else. Odds are good you’ll benefit greatly from a training course. And with so many courses available, there’s a chance you’ll find one that fits your schedule. OK, I’m done with the stats puns, now onto training options.


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