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#FishOn with Marianne Huskey: Why I Choose to Fish in this Hoodie

Marianne found the perfect hoodie – perfect for Mom, too

Marianne Huskey, fishing

#Fishon is sponsored by Matzo America.


One of questions I am commonly asked about fishing is in regard to women’s clothing. I will agree that finding clothes that are a good fit, feminine and “fishable” is really tough.

My gift choice for the woman who loves to fish on Mother’s Day is the Ultimate Pullover Hoodie (in walleye print, of course) from Fishouflage.

The Ultimate Hoodie

What’s Fishouflage? It’s a brand of casual wear designed to show off your love for fishing. From a distance, you may think you are looking at camouflage: however, you are actually looking at underwater pictures of fish. Fishouflage includes patterns such as bass, walleye, pike, redfish, catfish, crappie and musky.

This Ultimate Pullover Hoodie comes in bass or walleye, and one of the options comes with feminine touch with a pink accent on the sleeves and pink-sided paneling to give us that sliming look.


In addition, the length is a little bit longer than your average hoodie, giving us that extra coverage if needed.

Women from around the world have a great passion for fishing and Fishouflage is the best way for them to show it off and still be feminine.

Check out some of the other women’s casual wear items at www.fishouflage.com.

Don’t forget. Father’s Day day is right around the corner and you will find some really great ideas for dad at Fishouflage too.


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