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#FishOn with Marianne Huskey: Boat Maintenance

One of the most important tips I can pass on to anglers around the world pertains to boat maintenance.

Marianne Huskey, fishing

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Even though I have been fishing my entire life and have the ability to perform many of the routine maintenance tasks on my boat, I still suggest that boat owners have their engines inspected once a year by your local marina.


Choosing a good marina is just as important. Be sure that you have your boat serviced by a marina that employees techs that are certified to work on the engine powering your boat. Those marine techs should have a certification from the engine manufacturing company.


In the Green Bay area I have all my service work done at Mr. Outboards Watersports Marina. They have multiple service techs that are enrolled in constant training and each one has a certificate.


Taking the time to have your engine serviced can be the difference between a great year on the water or a total catastrophic year.



Do you have any other suggestions for boat maintenance?

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