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Fly Fishing with Alaskan Guides: Wade Safely and Avoid Slips

During the month of July we will be posting tips from Alaska fly fishing guides. Our first tip will help you avoid slips.

No see um lodge Melissa Arntz Wade Safely slips

Melissa Arntz

It happens to the best of us. We lose our footing, go down end first, and come up soaking wet. Save your dignity with these simple steps.

• Avoid backing up. When you wade sideways or forward, you’re in better control of your balance and more likely to recover from a slip.

• As you move from shallows into deeper water, sidestep with a wide stance. This lets you feel the bottom as you move and maintain stable footing.

• Your safest substrates are always gravel or sand. Cobbles tend to be slick with algae while mud bottoms pose a real slipping hazard for felt soles.


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Hopefully you will follow our tips and avoid any slips.


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