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Fly Fishing with Alaskan Guides: Practice Catch-and-Release

Our Alaska fly fishing guide shares tips this week to help you practice your best catch and release.


No see um lodge Melissa Arntz Catch and Release white

Responsible catch and release ensures the future of Alaskan fly-fishing, so always do your part. Treat every fish with care and respect.

• Invest in a quick-release tool that helps fish avoid line tangles while your hands and flies stay dryer. When the action explodes, you’ll really appreciate this tool.

• You have to handle that fish to get your picture of a lifetime, so do it with landing gloves. They improve your grip and his recovery.

• That salmon’s fighting for his life. How do you safely get a powerful fish off the hook? Turn him upside down to disorient and calm him.


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Do you catch and release?

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