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Fly Fishing with Alaskan Guides: Get Off to a Great Start

Our Alaska fly fishing guide has tips for a great start to your day of fishing.


No see um lodge Get off the Bank start

You’re on your favorite river and ready to catch every fish in Alaska. Slow down, and ease your way into a productive day.

• Fish are easier to catch when you can see them. Polarized sunglasses let you spot potential strikes under the brightest sun-kissed waters.

• Take in the lay of the land and the river. Check your clearance, size up the shade, and scan for seams. Let the water and air dictate your fly selections.

• Sneak up on the fish. They spook at the sight and sound of waders, so ease into position without splashing, and then start slowly stalking.


No-See-Um is a remote Alaska fly fishing lodge that overlooks the Kvichak River. Learn more about our guided fishing trips and book your Alaska vacation today. Visit http://noseeumlodge.com.

Are you ready for your great start in Alaska?

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