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Fly Fishing with Alaskan Guides: Avoid Snags with a Sidearm Cast

Our Alaska fly fishing guide shares tips this week to avoid snags in bushes and trees.


No see um lodge Melissa Arntz sidearm cast snags

Sometimes, the trout know just where to lure you so that you’re hemmed in by bushes and trees. It’s time to break out your sidearm cast.

• Imagine that you’re casting arcs at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock on the ground, as you look down at them and the backside of your reel.

• Carefully gauge clearance, and then turn sideways as you cast with the same power and range that you’d put into an overhead cast.

• You’re flipping the fly sideways, so be ready to quickly mend the line. This technique doubles as an effective slack-line cast, too.


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How do you avoid snags?

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