#GunVote – Kristy Titus on Protecting the U.S. Constitution

In this #GunVote episode my good friend Kristy Titus weighs in on the importance of protecting the U.S. Constitution.

NSSF #GUNVOTE Don't Risk Your Gun Rights! constitution

Kristy is an amazing woman who has a passion and love of the outdoors. She speaks out in support of wildlife and habitat conservation, and outdoor education. She is also a featured member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Team Elk Television, which airs on the Outdoor Channel.

That’s not all. Kristy is also an NRA Basic Pistol and Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor plus she’s the host of ‘NRA Tips and Tactics’ as well as the host of NRA’s ‘I Am Forever TV.’

‘I Am Forever’ is about reclaiming the American Dream. Kristy recognizes that American culture is in a state of crisis. In the show, she and her co-stars share a journey through the backcountry where they learn to reconnect with, and regain, American values and learn to live independently. Click here to watch the series – https://www.nranews.com/series/i-am- forever


With the presidential election looming, we chatted about where the country is headed, as well as how to preserve what our forefathers built. Kristy reminds us to think of that as we choose a candidate.

To find more educational material regarding the #GunVote, please visit the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s website here – http://www.nssf.org/gunvote/


#GunVote – Protecting the U.S. Constitution

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