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Liberty Ammunition Sponsors Extreme Huntress

Now in its eighth season, Extreme Huntress will feature Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 9mm and new Animal Instincts .308 Win. ammunition in the show’s competitions




Bradenton, Fla. (July2016) –Liberty Ammunition is proud to partner as a Competition Sponsor with Extreme Huntress, an online broadcast airing on GetZone.com that showcases serious female hunters and shooters. The series, directed by filmmaker Tom Opre and produced by Tahoe Films, Ltd. is filmed at the 777 Ranch in Hondo, Texas. The online show and competition focuses on the importance of creating positive role models for women in hunting and shooting sports while concentrating on how hunting preserves our outdoor heritage while conserving wildlife and lands.

Liberty Ammunition’s new .308 Win., the first lead-free, copper monolithic, fragmenting hollow-point hunting round in their Animal Instinct line, along with the Civil Defense 9mm round will be used during the filming for the show’s handgun competition and for the competitive hunting features. The match grade accuracy of the new Liberty .308 Win. is only exceeded by the exceptional speed of the cartridge which leaves the barrel at a scorching 3,500 FPS and hits the target like a sledge hammer with its 2,700 FPE of muzzle energy. While this deadly round with extreme terminal performance hits the target hard, it doesn’t do the same to your shoulder and has a surprisingly soft recoil.

The Civil Defense 9mm cartridge is a lead-free, high-performance personal protection round providing drastically reduced recoil, twice the velocity and less weight in loaded magazines. The hollow-point fragmenting Civil Defense rounds also demonstrate three times the terminal effects. Despite its light weight, the round still provides exceptional stopping power and barrier penetration and will go through thick layers of denim, wood and automotive safety glass.

The 2017 Extreme Huntress contenders include Lindsay Christensen, Alison Gagné, Candace Knudsen, Taylor Shea Reisbeck, Chantelle Bartsch and Cassandra Oosterhof. Judges Brittany Boddington, Olivia Nalos Opre and Larry Weishuhn will join the huntresses on their adventures during the 2017 season, which begins this month on GetZone.com and continues until a winner is announced in January 2017 at the Dallas Safari Club annual awards dinner.

Check out the entire line of high performance, lead-free Liberty Ammunition, as well as apparel products, at www.libertyammunition.com.

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