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Affordable Hunting: Making Your Dream Hunt a Reality

Meet Lora Gene Young, a new featured blogger at The WON. Lora Gene grew up surrounded by wildlife in a small town in the very northwest corner of North Carolina. She now spends part of the year in New Zealand and part in Australia working in hunting camps. Her writing can be found in many different outlets, including her own blog, Gypsy Nomad. I’m excited to share her article about affordable hunting here at The WON. ~MC


Gypsy Nomad, Lora Gene Young.


Plane tickets, trophy fees, daily rates, taxidermy, gun permits…The thought of hunting internationally can be daunting to the hunter on a limited budget. Do not let all the details bog you down. You do not have to be rich and famous to hunt internationally. Just a few simple tips and the process becomes an achievable goal rather than a bucket list dream.

First, determine your priority. What is most important on your list? Sure you want to hunt a red stag in New Zealand and a water buffalo in Australia and a lion in Africa and… the list keeps going. Focus, which is your priority, which location or species do you want to accomplish first. Determining your priority will make it easier to set your goals and do your research.

Two friends from Hawaii at the tahr cabin, Central South Island Hunting, New Zealand-Lora-Gene- Affordable hunting

Two friends from Hawaii at the Tahr Cabin, Central South Island Hunting, New Zealand.

Once you have set your goal animal or location, research is paramount. Know what to expect. There is great power in online investigating. Look up several outfitters to get baseline prices. Talk to others who have hunted and get their opinions on quality and incidental costs. This research will give you a starting place for your budget.

Now it is time to use your resources. If you are a member of a hunting organization, go to the banquets or conventions and find out about auction hunts. Friends of the NRA, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation, Safari Club International…

Continue with Lora Gene Young’s “Affordable Hunting: Making Your Dream Hunt a Reality” in her post in Huntress View.

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