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#GunVote – Jessica Brooks-Stevens of Barnes Bullets

The #GunVote affects families in more ways than one. In the middle of Utah, you’ll find a thriving company and a fabulous woman who has worked there for most of her life, Jessica Brooks-Stevens. Her family’s livelihood, Barnes Bullets, depends on the decisions we make this November at the polls.

NSSF #GUNVOTE Don't Risk Your Gun Rights!-Barnes Bullets

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For the record, I’ve been shooting Barnes Bullets for quite some time, so was with great interest that I attended a recent Remington Outdoor Company Media Tour on behalf of Women’s Outdoor News. While there, I visited the plant and saw the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making every round of reliable ammunition.

I also visited a test range, where I shot hunting and match-grade ammunition. I learned a bit more about long-range shooting and then headed in to visit with the Barnes crew, including Jessica.

Her parents purchased the Barnes Bullets business when she was a young girl. She grew up making ammunition and as a result, began representing for hunting and shooting communities at an early age.

With this year’s presidential and local elections looming, Jessica shared a concern about all of our rights being stripped away. She hopes people will take the time to educate themselves before they head to the polls and to remember the Second Amendment when they get there.

To find more educational material regarding the #GunVote, please visit the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s website here – http://www.nssf.org/gunvote/

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