She Loves to Fish: Another Epic Saskatchewan Adventure!

When I hear the words ‘fishing’ and ‘Saskatchewan’ together, it brings a smile to my face and a flutter of excitement in my heart. Although I have only been to Saskatchewan twice so far, both adventures have literally been epic! I truly mean it, the kind of fishing experiences that dreams are made of!


My personal best pike, 44-inches long, caught on a swimbait on Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan.

My first trip to Saskatchewan took place last winter. I flew out to host seminars at the Regina Outdoor Sports Show and while there, I had the opportunity to meet up with fellow presenters, Jason and Jeff Matity (of These two anglers (who happen to be brothers) are some of the kindest people I’ve met throughout my travels and we became friends pretty quickly after our day on the ice. Their mandate is sharing information and helping anglers catch more fish, so be sure to check out their website mentioned above. Thanks to Jeff and Jason I was able to catch the biggest northern pike of my life at the time during my visit! You can read about that adventure here which included a 43.5-inch long pike with a girth of 20-inches! WAH! I’ll never forget the giant head coming up out of the ice hole! This was a two-part trip with lots of amazing catches and is pretty photo-heavy! I hope you enjoy!

Part One! Last Mountain Lake.

You can bet that when another opportunity came about to fish in Saskatchewan, there was no hesitation. I was beyond excited and pretty much sleep deprived until I finally departed on this trip as I was so excited at getting another crack at some giant fish. Tourism Saskatchewan brought me in this time and of course I made plans to fish with the Matity’s again for the first part of this trip. This time we fished on Last Mountain Lake where Jeff has been a guide for over 10 years at G&S Marina Outfitters. I had heard a lot about Last Mountain Lake as it’s a hot spot for giant walleye and pike alike bringing in anglers from around the globe. G&S is the only full service outfitter on the lake providing all the comforts of home plus everything you’ll need to do some serious fishing. They have 12 cozy and quaint cabins (heated and air conditioned), boat rentals, guides, a marina, store, restaurant and more.

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