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NWTF and NHF Day Continue Partnership

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (August 4, 2016) – National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF Day) is a day set aside to celebrate all that sportsmen and women do to support conservation whether it is building habitat for dwindling quail populations or teaching the next generation.  The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) recognizes the importance of NHF Day and is once again a major sponsor.
nhf day
Ira Joffe proposed the day back in 1970. As a result, Pennsylvania Gov. Raymond Shafer adopted Joffe’s idea and created the Outdoor Sportsman’s Day in the state. In early 1972, Congress unanimously passed Joint Resolution 117, authorizing NHF Day, on the fourth Saturday of every September.
“NWTF is joining us once again to support America’s top conservationists,” said Misty Mitchell, director of Conservation Programs for Wonders of Wildlife. “They have been the standard when it comes to stepping up to the plate for conservation. NWTF runs many programs to promote responsible conservation that most of us don’t realize. Their continued support means the world to NHF Day.”
Hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiast may not even know they are supporting wildlife conservation. Through licenses, permits and special taxes, hunters and anglers generate $100,000 every 30 minutes-totaling more than $1.75 billion per year-for fish, wildlife and habitat. No one contributes more for conservation.
NWTF has worked tirelessly to promote wildlife conservation and responsible firearm ownership. Its many programs and initiatives have led the way for individuals to become more active in both practices.
“The NWTF is actively working to Save the Habitat and Save the Hunt though our national initiative, but we know we cannot do it alone,” said NWTF CEO George Thornton. “It will take a collaborative effort for us to preserve our hunting heritage, and events such as National Hunting and Fishing Day-where the entire outdoor industry comes together to promote our life style-play a huge role in offering outdoor opportunities to new audiences.”
Generating more awareness for conservation, NHF Day is dedicated to spreading the word through any avenue possible and social media is one of the largest stages to do this and the hashtag #1conservationist will help them accomplish this goal.
Visitors are encouraged to visit https://www.facebook.com/nhfday for a wide variety of information including a comprehensive overview of NHF Day, sponsor information and event planning details.
NHF Day is proud to recognize its loyal sponsors that include: NSSF, Bass Pro Shops, NRA, Yamaha, Outdoor Channel, Izaak Walton League, Cabela’s, Keep America Fishing, Realtree, GunBroker, Ducks Unlimited, NWTF, Wonders of Wildlife, Shakespeare, Berkley, Smith and Wesson, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation.
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