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Women of Syren USA: Lynne Green

Lynne Green is the new brand manager for Syren USA. This competitor and instructor shares with us the reasons she loves to shoot and compete under the Syren banner.

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(Syren USA photo)


The WON: Please will you tell our readers what you want them to know about you? 

Lynne Green: I have recently accepted the position of brand manager for the Syren brand of Caesar Guerini and am working on setting up ladies shooting events for the fall of 2016 and into Spring of 2017. I have been back in Atlanta for almost 2 years now, after after living in Texas for 19 years.  I am an avid Sporting Clays shooter and travel around the US to competitions.  I completed and passed my Level 1 NSCA Instructors Certification course this past May and hope to start taking ladies and young girls out shooting as soon as the weather cools a bit. I also am an avid photographer and have taken over 1 million pictures of people shooting sporting clays.  These days, I mostly take pictures of the outdoors, wildlife, hunting and dogs.  I shoot the Syren Tempio 12-gauge sporting model.


Syren tempio sporting modelThe WON: When women ask you why you shoot a Syren, what do you say?  

Lynne Green: Wes Lang, the president of Caesar Guerini, and I have been talking about the women in the shooting sports for years – and how they needed their own firearm … to be recognized as their own market.  When he created the Syren line, I was thrilled!  He didn’t just dip his toe into the ladies market, he jumped right in. The willingness to take that risk speaks a lot to me and I have huge respect for Wes and everyone at the company.  They take pride in making an outstanding and beautiful product and I’m proud to be representing their firearm. Oh, and my scores are great!

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(Syren USA photo)

The WON: What type of feedback are you getting from women who are experiencing this line of shotguns?

Lynne Green: Every single one loves it! It’s like buying a pair of great shoes that fit right out of the box – you feel good wearing them. Same with these guns. It’s not just some “extra” gun that they threw in there for the women, it’s the whole line.  Back to the shoes, there are different shoes for different things – same with the guns. Lots of ladies want an auto to reduce the kick but shoot heavier shells, while lots of the ladies I know want a field model for upland game hunting. The sporting models give women several price points, including the new Syren Elos Sporting. The engraving is beautiful – because most women like to show things off – a gun is no different.

The WON: Why is it important that a woman have a shotgun that fits her?

Lynne Green: If you’re going to shoot, your intent is to hit targets or birds. Hitting targets makes shooting more fun. If your gun is too long – which is the predominant problem – then your form is off and you decrease your chances of hitting targets.  For the most part, most people don’t buy shoes or clothing or anything else that doesn’t fit them … before Syren, we ladies didn’t really have a choice, but now we do!  It’s not hard for most women to understand that because we have totes full of men’s or children’s gear that doesn’t fit!  If the ladies are hitting targets because they have a gun that fits, then everybody wins!


Syren Pro Staff (Syren USA Photo)

The WON: What’s the best way for a woman to start competing in shotgun tournaments?

Lynne Green: There are several ways to begin competition shooting.

  • Find some fun girlfriends to go with – even if you’re all new – it can be very intimidating walking into a gun club for the first time and they’re not always super friendly, but they do want your money, so bringing a girlfriend or two makes it a bit easier.
  • Start at a local club and a one-day 100 bird-sporting event. If they have 5-stand, that’s a good way to start also. That way you start small, don’t get overwhelmed and can learn the etiquette and rules.
  • See if there are any local ladies shooting groups available and show up. I know it can be very intimidating but we all want more women shooters, so welcome all newcomers!
  • Once you start going to some local shoots, then graduate up to state and regional shoots. In some states there’s something every weekend if you’re willing to drive a bit, but search out your surrounding states for events also.
  • If you can find a shoot partner that wants to go too that’s a bonus!  My friend, DIVA WOW’s Cheryl Long, and I shot pretty much every weekend my first year – I had more than 5,000 registered targets that year and we had a blast! It helped to share expenses and the memories are priceless!

Visit Syren USA to learn more about its fabulous line of firearms for females: https://syrenusa.com.

Follow Lynne Green at Gunvana.com

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