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Becky Lou Outdoors Offers Women’s Hunting Trips this Fall

Along with all the adventures that keep her running and gunning across the country, Becky Lou Lacock is on a mission to help provide women affordable economical adventures, aka often in the form of hunting trips. Using her passion and the many people she meets, she is constantly searching for a way for groups of women to share in an outdoor experience.

hunting trips

Seasoned outdoors women are welcome, but new beginners are encouraged to join on the events that allow for novice participants!

Becky Lou founded an open Facebook group called, “A Girls Hunt Out” (inspired by the infamous event of a Girls night Out!) with the motto to “Let No Huntress be Left Behind.” Hoping to provide a common resource for all organizations to post and promote women’s outdoor activities from shooting, fishing, camping and hunting, Becky Lou plans several activities each year: pheasant and quail hunting in northeast  Texas; waterfowl hunting in the swamps of southern Louisiana; turkey Hunting in Kansas, Nebraska and the Tensas Reserves of northeast Louisiana — to name a few. She also seeks out and promotes others from the many organizations across America. You can find these other events listed on her Facebook page, as well. It is a great go-to source for women’s outdoor events.

teal-hunt-girlshuntoutThere are hunts available for whitetails in Texas and Illinois in 2016.

Learn more about hunting with Becky Lou: http://www.beckylououtdoors.com/?page_id=2521



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