Q&A with ‘Girls with Guns Clothing’ on Hunting and the Muck Boot Partnership

We welcome Marjorie Paulson in her debut column of “Out & About,” where she interviewed the women behind Girls with Guns Clothing.

Meet Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman, the women behind Girls with Guns Clothing (GWG). Jen and Norissa took time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions about their business, their hunting plans and the exciting collaboration between GWG and The Original Muck Boot Company.

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In 2008, while participating in Shoot For Purpose, a charity sporting clays shoot for breast cancer, Jen and Norissa jokingly dubbed their all-women team “Girls with Guns” and from there, the name just stuck. With Norissa’s background in embroidery and screen printing, and Jen’s business savvy, the 2 best friends decided to partner together to fill a void in the women’s outdoor lifestyle and technical hunting industry. They envisioned a brand that brought together some of their favorite things – Jen’s love of all things camo, and Norissa’s flair for trending fashion – that could become the everyday outdoor lifestyle brand for country girls, outdoors women, and hunters alike. They believed that no one truly knows a woman’s form and their gear needs quite like another woman, and they were tired of men’s and youth sizes being their only options for outdoor apparel. Fast forward 8 years later, and Jen and Norissa feel that they have far surpassed their original goal, and they are incredibly excited to see what the future holds for GWG.

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Marjorie: How has GWG evolved from those early days in the garage?

Jen and Norissa: After outgrowing our garage and 2 other warehouses, we moved into our current 5,000-square-foot warehouse, which we fondly refer to as GWG Headquarters. We are looking forward to our 8-year anniversary in November.

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Marjorie: Talk about your new partnership with The Original Muck Boot Company.

Jen and Norissa: We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the top hunting boot company in the US! The first line will feature a hunting boot combining Muck’s comfort technology and waterproof design with GWG’s feminine style. These boots are rugged and will stand up to any hunt you take them on. The Girls with Guns Arctic Hunter comes in both a tall- and mid-height style. They are available for purchase at www.muckbootcompany.com, www.girlswithgunsclothing.com, and our retailers. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sportsman’s Warehouse will also be carrying the boots. MSRP is $179.99 for the GWG Arctic Hunter Tall and $169.99 for the Mid.



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Marjorie: What type of outdoor adventures do the 2 of you participate in?

Jen and Norissa: We pretty much participate in everything in the outdoors. That’s the idea around GWG. It’s a brand that is built around your everyday, outdoor gal. We hunt, fish, hike, shed hunt and wakeboard. You name it.

Marjorie: What parts of your life compete with your time spent outdoors?

Jen and Norissa: Family and work are the only 2 things that really pull us away from hunting. Luckily, because we have our own television show – Universal Huntress TV on the Pursuit Channel – part of our job incorporates hunting.

Marjorie: Tell us about your fall hunting plans.

Jen and Norissa: Pursuant to Universal Huntress TV, our hunting plans take us all over North America. Jen will be moose hunting in Alberta, Canada. Norissa plans on hunting whitetail with her husband in Pennsylvania. And together, we will travel to Florida to hunt gator and go deep-sea fishing, chase mule deer in Colorado and hunt hogs and pheasant back home.

Jen has already gone out with the bow during archery blacktail season and is looking forward to hunting with her niece (who wants to be a hunter like her Auntie Jen!) during rifle season for blacktail. Jen will also find opportunities to hunt dove locally.

Marjorie: Do you have any tips for women hunters as we move into fall hunting season?

Jen and Norissa: One of the most important tips we have for women is to practice shooting consistently. This is the best way to improve your odds for success when the moment comes that you need to pull the trigger under pressure. Also, staying in hunting shape is very important, so you can keep up with your guides when hunting and hiking.

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