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‘Great Wild Radio’: Professional Photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

This week’s guest on the “Wild and Wonderful Women” is Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Hannah lives on the shores of Lake Superior and is blessed to be near some of the best fishing in the country. She is the famous photographer who took the photograph of John and Schoep, that quickly circled the world, and became a social media sensation. A few months later, her famous fishing guide husband, Jim Hudson, died in a tragic ice fishing accident. That incident, which quickly followed the famous photo, created a social media frenzy which changed her life forever. Hannah withstood the storm and eventually gave a TedX talk on Empathy and the power of virtual communities. You can watch Hannah Storehouse Hudson at this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ninDNeey5B0

hannah-stonehouse-hudson-steelhead-Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

Hannah and her steelhead.

Hannah is a professional photographer and enjoys capturing dogs in action. Sledding dogs, bird hunters with their dogs and even shelter dogs. She photographs the dogs in the shelter available for adoption to help them find homes. Hannah also gives various seminars on photography. You can learn more about her on her web site, http://stonehousephoto.com and on http://hannahstonehousehudson.com


The famous photo of John Unger and Schoep.

Hannah and I became close friends and work on the Women’s Ice Angler Project together. We recently filmed a TV show with Larry Smith Outdoors where Hannah landed a beauty of a steelhead. Listen in as I talk to Hannah about living her life outdoors, the impact of social media, and creating new possibilities.

~Wild Barb Carey

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