WON Landing Page March 2022

#HuntingwithJR: Extra Dove Hunting Pointers

Judy Rhodes hunts at least 250 days a year. In this last tip on dove hunting, she offers some facts about doves and gives you pointers on how to counter dove behavior so you can fill your bag with delicious doves.


#HuntingwithJR is sponsored by Remington Outdoor.

Did you know?

Dove have keen eyes to spot you in the field.

TIP:  Wear clothing matching your surroundings.

Did you know?

Hunters take 4 shots per dove that are bagged.

TIP:  Fields are best when many hunters are present to keep dove stirred up and flying.



Did you know?

Dove decoys placed near you will entice birds to fly by at close range.

TIP:  When placing decoys on open ground, place decoys a foot apart facing into the wind.

Did you know?

Doves often light on or snag power lines or fences before landing or while loafing.

TIP:  Dove seek water before returning to roost. Evening hunts should be around a body of water.

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  • About Judy Rhodes

    Judy Rhodes, the Voice of Women in the Outdoors is an outdoor visionary and mentor to women and youth in the outdoors. Judy, Founder of DIVA ... Women Outdoors Worldwide is the largest women's ONLY outdoor organization. DIVA WOW is a non-profit 501(c)3 unique all volunteer sisterhood dedicated to encouraging women to discover their outdoor passion.