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‘Wild Barb’ to Host Interviews with Female Anglers on ‘Great Wild Radio Show’

The WON is delighted to sponsor Barb Carey and her radio show, “Great Wild Radio Show,” weekly in a special segment on women who fish. Barb is the founder and president of Wisconsin Women Fish and has been teaching ice fishing classes to women for more than 10 years.

Barb Carey studio

Barb Carey

Who is Wild Barb?

Barb is an award winning author and the voice of “Wild Barb” on the Great Wild Radio Show. She also is an active member of the WI Fisheries Advisory Council.

‘Wild Barb’ and Marianne Huskey

Marianne Huskey

Join Wild Barb as she talks to Marianne Huskey, professional  walleye angler, in the first installment of this series. Marianne is the top earning professional walleye angler and is the  first woman to win “Angler of the Year” (2012) in any species competing in the Pro-Am format against all males. Marianne works full time in the outdoor industry and is the Matzuo America pro-staff director. In addition to holding several pro-staff positions, Marianne guides, speaks at seminars and also has been featured at Women’s Outdoor News in a series of tips titled “#Fishon with Marianne Huskey,” and in the Outdoor section at The Daily Caller.

Great Wild Radio Show

Listen to this podcast to hear Marianne while she talks about fishing big water, and tips for women wanting to work in the industry.





Listen to Great Wild Radio Show: http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/thegreatwildradioshow


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