WON Landing Page OCT 2022

#HuntingwithJR: Hens 101

Want to know more about hens?  Judy Rhodes has some tips for you!


#HuntingwithJR is sponsored by Remington.

Did you know?

Redhead hens will deposit their own eggs in other ducks’ nests, hoping they hatch and foster their ducklings.

TIP:  Shooting fleeing ducks after a directional shift … if helicoptering rapidly for the heavens, swing up and through the duck as shooting a springing teal clay target.


Did you know?

Canvasback hens eat eggshells after ducklings are hatched.

TIP:  Shooting into a large flock of ducks is difficult for an instinct shooter because you are glancing from bird to bird. Shoot under a high, retreating duck to intercept its course.


Judy has been using the Remington V3 in preparation for her upcoming duck hunts this season.

What tips about hens would you add?

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  • About Judy Rhodes

    Judy Rhodes, the Voice of Women in the Outdoors is an outdoor visionary and mentor to women and youth in the outdoors. Judy, Founder of DIVA ... Women Outdoors Worldwide is the largest women's ONLY outdoor organization. DIVA WOW is a non-profit 501(c)3 unique all volunteer sisterhood dedicated to encouraging women to discover their outdoor passion.