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S&CBC’s Shooting Adventures in Missouri & Texas with The WON

Lots of gun fun! Women’s Outdoor News, TeamWON’s Barbara Baird, Michelle Cerino, Julie Golob and Judy Rhodes of DIVA WOW take Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club (S&CBC) girls, Victoria Knowles-Lacks and Claire Sadler sight seeing and shooting pistols, shotguns in sporting clays and rifles in Texas and Missouri for their outdoor adventure and hunting trip to the United States. Learn about the S&CBC and stay tuned as these women experience more great outdoor shooting adventures including the Kansas Governor’s Ringneck Classic.
First, Victoria Knowles Lacks and Claire Louise Sadler played the part of tourist, after arriving in Dallas from London on Nov. 12. Michelle Cerino, managing editor of The WON, flew down to be their tour guide and to make sure they drove on the “right” side of the road. You can see what happened when they went to JR Ewing’s Southfork Ranch here. After hunting in Kansas for pheasants and prairie chickens, the women found their way in a rental car without a GPS unit, to the boonies of southwest Missouri, to meet up with our publisher, Barbara Baird, yet again.
scbc-world-tour-Shooting adventures
This video is compilation of the various types of shooting the women did before and after the Kansas Governor’s Ringneck Classic, a spectacular time in the field and on the range in western Kansas.

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What shooting adventures would you like to go on?

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