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The Well Armed Woman’s List of Top 10 Guns Purchased in 2016

It’s that time of year again, the Top 10 time of year. So let’s talk guns, more specifically, the gun’s women are buying. Although I am a fierce advocate of each woman getting her hands on and shooting as many guns as possible to help find the “Right one” for her, I believe there is real value in knowing what firearms other women are selecting as their handguns for self defense. We all know that there is no one right gun for all women, but I think knowing what women across the country are buying, at a minimum, can help to narrow down the possibilities and help to create a great list of guns to try, or at least start with. Yes, all women unique, but we can share some common challenges when it comes to handling and shooting a handgun. Things such as hand size, trigger finger length and strength, hand strength and upper body strength are issues many women share so knowing what the prefrerences are of other women is helpful.


Here are the top 10 firearms women purchased in the year 2016, starting with number 10. Below the list I share thoughts and observations after reviewing all of the data collected. I am no statistician and do not submit this as scientific data, but there are valid deductions to be made and preferences represented in the numbers collected. We have a great resource here at The Well Armed Woman that can be extremely helpful to you as you research to find the right gun for you, and that is reviews written by women of dozens of handgun models. You can see them here

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This list was complied from a survey of 1100 women and from The Well Armed Woman holster sales of 2016

Find the Top 10 list at The Well Armed Woman here.

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