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The “How to” Gun Girl Gear Review: The Slumberjack Wild-Her Pack

Since The “How-To” Gun Girl turned 1 last month, I decided to do something a little different with this post. This is a gear review of the Slumberjack Wild-Her Women’s Hunting Pack (MSRP: $159.95) as told through the story of my whitetail hunt in northern New Hampshire last November.

I received the pack from the manufacturer for the purpose of this review. I have not been compensated for either the hunt or the review, and all opinions are my own.



Last fall I connected with a staffer at Quality Deer Management Association via their social media posts around a Field to Fork program in Georgia. That staff member connected me to a QDMA board member in New Hampshire, who offered me the opportunity to participate in a mentored whitetail deer hunt. Not only would I be able to learn from a hunter who really knows his stuff, I would get to go hunting with a friend of mine on land that is managed with Quality Deer Management techniques. That meant higher chances of seeing deer and a lot more fun than I’d had hunting on my own.

Since my friend was even newer to hunting than I am, I decided to share my gear with her so she wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to try out hunting. That made for an excellent excuse to do some shopping to make sure I was fully equipped!

After surveying my camo, I was pleasantly surprised to find that over the previous seasons I had accumulated two full sets of camo outerwear – one for me and one for my friend! It turned out the only thing I really needed to get was a pack, since I only had my turkey vest for carrying gear. The hunt was scheduled in November, so we would be hunting during the part of deer season where it is legal to take a deer with either a bow or a rifle.

Since I still had all my tags (womp, womp – it was a tough archery season for me) I decided to maximize my chances of getting a deer by bringing along both weapons. The hunt would be a mix of spot and stalk as well as stand hunting. My friend was happy to borrow my turkey vest, and I decided to search for a pack to carry all my gear, extra ammo, and both my gun and my bow. Beyond just carrying everything, I wanted one pack to make it easier to get into and out of tree stands.

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