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Retro WON: Hollis Lumpkin on Essentials for Fishing from a Paddle Board

We love to highlight outdoor blogs written by women, and we are delighted to share this post, by South Carolinian Hollis Lumpkin, at her blog called “The Bright Side of the Road.” In this installment, Hollis takes us paddle boarding and fishing — at the same time — and lists the essentials needed for such an outing.

Hollis describes her experience

I was fishing with 2 lines out, and by the time I hooked the fish, got the second line in (so I wouldn’t get tangled), grabbed the net to land the fish, and got the fish off of the hook… Well, let’s just say doing all that plus, working a camera, while also on a paddle board requires a certain amount of coordination that I just do not possess. It is shocking that I didn’t end up in the water after all of that, honestly! Needless to say, I sat down for a few minutes rest. Thennnnn I was able to find grab my phone. I’ll work on the coordination thing… I really wish I had a photo of that fish!

Hollis-Lumpkin-paddleboard-fishing Hollis Lumpkin

(Hollis Lumpkin photo)

Hollis then lists the essentials for fishing from a paddle board. We think you’ll love the story and accompanying photos. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of Hollis’s accounts that describe her forays into the outdoors.

Read the rest of the story on paddle board fishing  and find out what you need to have to do this task.

This Retro WON first appeared Oct.13, 2015.


  • About Hollis Lumpkin

    Hollis Lumpkin writes that she is a "simple girl living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, but I happen to have a great love for the outdoors, particularly hunting and fishing." She is a duck-hunting freak. Hollis pens an exclusive version of "The Bright Side of the Road," for The WON.