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Syren USA Expands Management Team in Response to Drastic Growth

Since it’s debut in 2014 as the first and only firearm brand dedicated exclusively to women shooters, Syren USA has experienced rapid growth.  The company provides over 70 variants of shotguns for hunting and target shooting along with a line of accessories created by women for women shooters. Over the past three years Syren has continued to expand its team including ProStaff shooters and ambassadors. Now, as a result of positive market demand for Syren shotguns, the company is proud to announce the addition of Brand Manager, Lynne Green.


Some of her duties will include overseeing dealer relations, product development and strategic planning for Syren.  She will also manage the growth of the brand while ensuring a positive customer experience.

Lynne has been very involved with the Sporting Clays community over the last 13 years. Prior to becoming the Brand Manager for Syren, Lynne served as the Executive Director of Atlanta Charity Clays. Additionally, she has served on the Board of the Texas Sporting Clays Association and the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) Advisory Council.  Lynne has been shooting sporting clays competitively since 2004. She is also a certified level 1 NSCA instructor specializing in teaching ladies and teenage girls how to shoot.

Syren USA

Syren Brand Manager, Lynne Green

Lynne continues to expand her role as both mentor and peer of the shooting community, and will help Syren to expand their efforts in providing the finest line of Women’s shotguns and accessories.

“Lynne brings a level of professionalism and a passion for the shooting sports that will be a welcome addition to the Syren brand.  Her ability to connect with all shooters makes her a welcome addition to our team.”  – Wesley Lang, President of Caesar Guerini USA

About Syren

Syren L.L.C. is the first worldwide brand and leader of fine firearms designed exclusively for women. Manufactured in Brescia, Italy, creating over-and-under and semi-automatic shotguns for the lady competitor, huntress and shotgun enthusiast. Visit us at www.syrenusa.com or contact us at 410-901-1131.

For more information, contact:


700 Lake Street
Cambridge, MD 21613
Tel: 410-901-1131
Fax: 410-901-1137
Email: info@syrenusa.com



Lynne Green pens the column, “Syren Savvy” here at The WON.

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