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Outdoor Women’s Alliance Gives You a Reason to Celebrate Being an Outdoor Woman

For the Outdoor Women’s Alliance (OWA), 2017 marks a decade of our nonprofit working to push the visibility of women forward in both the outdoor industry and public eye.

Outdoor Women's Alliance

And that’s not all: We are at a landmark point in history. Women now make up 51% of outdoor consumers, and 160 million adventure travelers are women.

With all these reasons to celebrate, they’ve partnered with The Outdoor Project to host #WomenInTheWild, a month-long celebration of women’s outdoor capabilities, achievements, and strength. Alongside individuals and like-minded organizations, they’re not only sharing content, but presenting a great big #WomenInTheWild Giveaway!

Outdoor Women’s Alliance

Over $5,000 in prizes will be awarded—get yourself entered!

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