Triggrcon 2017: Innovation in the Firearms Industry

This past weekend I traveled to Tacoma, Washington, to attend the first 2 days of Triggrcon 2017 at the Tacoma Convention Center. Triggrcon is a 4-day family friendly event hosted by Rainer Arms. It included a range day and industry day, open only to media and industry attendees, followed by 2 days for the public – something normally not offered to those outside the industry. Also, scheduled throughout the 3 days of the convention, attendees enjoyed the “Authors Experience,” which was an opportunity to listen to various authors speak and get signed copies of their books.

Gear Up is sponsored by Springfield Armory

Triggrcon Range Day took place about an hour outside of Tacoma. Since I attended as an exhibitor, I had a behind the scenes look at the event. Buses brought in groups of attendees from the convention center throughout the day. The excitement on their faces as they moved from bay to bay shooting various firearms never stopped. With what seemed like unlimited amounts of ammunition, the sound of gunfire never ceased, either, and included opportunities for participatns to shoot suppressed and full auto and to get their trigger fingers on .50 caliber firearms, too.


Large travel buses brought attendees back and forth from the range.



4 ranges held numerous firearms companies displaying their wares.

Attendee #1: “You know you shot a lot when shooting full auto loses its thrill.”

Attendee #2: “Yah, I’ve never shot so much in one day in my entire life.”

Attendee #1: “This was awesome!”


As fast as vendors loaded magazines, attendees sent the lead down range.



More then 45 vendors offered various firearms for attendees to shoot.


The ammo began piling up just an hour into the event.

On day 2, Industry Day at the Tacoma Convention Center took place, with more than 100 vendors present. As an exhibiter, I arrived early and walked the floor before attendees could see the event. Throughout the booths, I saw evidence of theme of the event, “Innovation.”

Triggrcon Springfield Armory

Springfield’s booth showcased both their pistols and rifles with Trijicon optics.


Triggrcon Nexgen Defense

If you ever wondered what the inside of a suppressor looks like, Nexgen2 Defense had their’s on display.



Bullets anyone? The ever shiny bins of bullets looked like candy in a sweet shop.


Triggrcon Down Range Baby

When you want to look tactical, but have been entrusted with the care of a tiny tyke, the “Down Range Baby” diaper bag is a must.

For those who didn’t make it to range day, or perhaps didn’t get their fill, part of the showroom setup included virtual sports. This also gave the kids attending a fun place to play.

While donning headsets and grasping joysticks, attendees traversed their way through various shooting stages of a virtual reality game.


Everyone who tried the indoor archery game had fun shooting through hoops or at tanks.


Of course I found a few items I wish I had room for in my luggage to bring home.

triggrcon Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost Tactical’s all-terrain vehicle looked like something I’d enjoy taking for a ride. (Chris Cerino photo)


A true firearms enthusiast’s collection isn’t complete until she owns a flame thrower … right? (Chris Cerino photo)

Triggrcon 2018 will once again be held in Tacoma. See what new items the firearms industry has to offer.

Visit the Triggrcon website here.

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