Sitka Gear Checklist #2: Ballistic Vest and Stormfront Gaiters

Gone are the days when we would dread putting on our orange, oversized vest that didn’t fit properly. This is an introduction to the future of blaze orange vests. The Ballistic Vest from Sitka made me want to wear it in the field every day of rifle season last year.

The Ballistic Vest

Not only does it meet the square inch requirements for blaze orange, but also, there are built-in shoulder pads that add a little extra cushion. I realized quickly that the shoulder pad isn’t just for recoil, but it also cushioned the strap of my rifle as I trekked through the mountains in search of my game. As an added bonus, the material is water resistant for those days in the field where the weather throws a curve ball at you. Since this vest will be your outermost layer, the water resistance will be a huge asset. The magnetic closure makes it easy to quickly remove the vest when you need to, and the pockets are well thought out for those of us who need to keep a few key items close by.

The Stormfront Gaiters

The Stormfront Gaiters have become my signature accessory when I’m in the field. I wear them for many different reasons: First of all, I like that I never have to pull stickers and pieces of shrubs from my socks or pant legs. They protect my lower legs from sharp plants and rocks, and they keep the moisture from reaching me if I have to cross a little bit of water or wet grass to get where I’m going. A few times each season I put them in the wash with my other pieces of clothing, and I don’t have to worry about them wearing out. The ones I have pictured here have taken me through a few hundred days of hunting in the field, and they aren’t showing any signs of wear-and-tear yet.

Of course, Sitka Gear offers a few different styles of gaiters, so there may be a different pair that works well for the types of activities you’ll be doing in the field. The Stormfront style is my favorite because of the extra tall style and reinforced lower section.

Ballistic Vest, Stormfront Gaiters

Accessories, such as these 2 items, make my life a lot easier, and my time in the field safer and more enjoyable.

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