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Sitka Gear Checklist #5: Sitka Jetstream Jacket

This is the jacket you grab when the forecast is unpredictable. This is the jacket you put on when the wind and rain attempt to slow you down. And this is the jacket that I grabbed in every color available.

Sometimes you must wear a jacket for a while to break it in, for it to fit so perfectly you begin to believe it was made for you. That is not the case with the Jetstream Jacket from Sitka. The first time you put this one on, you’ll know what I mean. From the incredibly comfortable fit to the high-quality stitching and fabric, this is a piece of gear that should be in every outdoorsman’s wardrobe.

Jetstream Jacket

There have been days in the field where the rain is relentless. Other than camera gear, I have no worries about moisture. This Jetstream Jacket is made for cold and rainy days spent outdoors. When I put the hood up over my hat, it fits perfectly so that I can still look around and have a clear field of vision in every angle. The pockets are well placed for easy retrieval of frequently used items.

When I wear this jacket, I know I’m ready to face whatever the weather throws at me that day. I know that if the wind picks up, I’ll be protected by the Windstopper laminate. It’s not your typical rain jacket or windbreaker. This piece of crucial gear is specifically designed for people who need to focus on the task at hand and get the job done without worrying about some rain or wind gusts. This jacket is designed for those of us who want to hunt longer, hike farther and enjoy every moment doing what we were called to do.

Jetstream Jacket

I really did order this jacket in every color, and I wear each of them throughout the season. It’s an essential part of my success in the field and my comfort while I’m working. It’s a piece of clothing that I actually look forward to wearing, and a piece of gear that I refuse to leave behind. Read more about the Sitka Jetstream Jacket here.

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