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Video: My Project Childsafe Story-Lanny Barnes

You may have heard of Lanny Barnes along with her sister Tracy because of their incredible Olympic story as the twin biathletes. After racing on skis and shooting tiny targets in the snow, Lanny has transitioned to a different fast-paced, shooting sport. She’s ditched the skis and picked up a rifle, pistol and shotgun to run and gun in dynamic and physical 3-Gun competitions.

Lanny Barnes

Aside from traveling the country on the 3-Gun circuit, Lanny is also an avid hunter who shares her passion for the long-time family tradition. Fresh off a recent win at the Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship and a trip to Africa where she mentored women new to hunting, we managed to catch Lanny in one of the few moments she’s not on the road to talk about a topic that’s even more important to Lanny, now that she’s an aunt.

Lanny Barnes shares her Project ChildSafe story


Firearms safety and safe storage is something she preaches and practices. In this video in partnership with the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Project Childsafe program, Lanny shares her story of learning the importance of safe storage. It’s one that starts in Lanny’s formative years through today, as the accomplished hunter, the decorated shooting champion and as an aunt to her sister Tracy’s young children.

As an Olympian, it’s no surprise that Lanny knows the value of routine. She shares valuable advice on how important it is to develop a safe, consistent procedure when handling and securing guns.

“As soon as my guns come out of the safe I put them in cases and I make sure they are unloaded until I am ready to shoot.”

Practical advice from a woman who knows the value of practice and routine! Want to learn more about Lanny? Watch her demonstrate how she trains, keep up with her wins and connect with Lanny on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LannyOakley/ or her webpage www.lannybarnesproshooter.com.

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