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Sitka Gear Checklist #7: Kelvin Down Hoody

The intensely cold mountain air can typically cut right though most man made materials. For us to sit on a mountaintop and glass the ridges for hours on end we have to protect ourselves from the elements. The longer we glass, the more successful our days in the field will end up. The Sitka Kelvin Down Hoody makes those days bearable.

Let’s talk about climbing that mountain to get the view we need. Even if it’s cold, and we hike slowly, we will sweat. Under layers of clothing we will ultimately feel the moisture building up and cooling our bodies down in the most natural way. The problem lies with that moisture sitting against your skin and not being air-dried or whisked away by your clothing.


My strategy, especially when I know that my day will involve hours of glassing from a tall ridge while sitting in the elements, is to pack this jacket up onto the mountain with me. It doesn’t weigh much, only about 27 ounces. If I’m going to strap it to my bag I usually remove it from the carrying bag that it scrunches into. If I’ll be glassing from my vehicle, this jacket is always tossed into the back floorboard, in the carrying bag, just in case if the weather takes a bad turn.

Some people would say that this Kelvin Down Hoody looks too big for me. That’s because I ordered it a little too big. I can put this on over every other thing I’m wearing, and it’s comfortable. It keeps my body heat in. It allows me to move around freely, even if my binoculars are tucked inside. 70% of the fill in this jacket is water-resistant European goose down. Even when it gets wet, it retains it’s warmth.

Julie-McQueen-Sitka-down-hoody Kelvin Down Hoody

I can remember a day of wearing this jacket in the field while I was in Idaho. We were in the mountains, and the rut hadn’t quite set in yet. Glassing for bulls had become a big part of my daily routine, and this jacket ensured that I could stay out in the elements and cold wind for as long as it took to get the job done.

The Kelvin Down Hoody

Sometimes people will try to sell you a jacket based on the color or the style, or even the material that it’s made from. I can put my name on this because this jacket kept me secure and comfortable in even the most uncomfortable conditions. I know from experience that the Kelvin Down Hoody will become an essential part of your wardrobe for anyone who braves the harsh conditions to chase their dreams.

Find out more about the Kelvin Down Hoody at the Sitka website.

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