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DIY: How to Repair and Restore a 3D Archery Target

We shoot our bows often and our targets stay outside in the weather all year long.  It does not take long before the vitals need replaced or the target is all but destroyed. We thought a nice Christmas gift for our dad would be a new 3D archery target, but then realized the cost to buy one – YIKES! With the cost of today’s targets, it is much cheaper to repair your archery target several times before you even think about replacing it. Besides, we think our dad will appreciate the fact that we are saving money and doing something for him with our own effort.

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Today we will break down this simple method to repair any 3D archery target for less than $15.


  • 1 can dense foam sealant
  • 1 can spray paint (optional)
  • 1 roll duct/painters tape
  • A sharp knife
  • Sand paper


Step 1:

Wrap the body and necessary vitals with your tape, ensuring you have a tight seal with lots of coverage to shape in a secure mold. Use your pocket knife to poke small holes in the tape at locations where you feel your target needs repair.

Step 2:

Fill the holes with the sealant by inserting the nozzle inside the holes in the tape and slowly letting it build up.  Remember that the foam will expand and there’s no need to overdo it.  It’s important to fill in all the little gaps and holes if you want a perfectly smooth target upon completion. The best insulation foam sealant to use for target repair is the kind made for filling small gaps and cracks. The type designed for large gaps is not dense enough to adequately stop arrows.

Step 3:

Once the foam has expanded and dried, it is time to cut off the tape and trim the excess foam to the shape of the target. Sand down the rough edges and use spray paint to maintain realism of your 3D animal.  Allow 24 hours to completely dry before shooting the target.

Bring your dead 3D archery target back to life with this quick fix, that’s both easy and affordable.

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