Gifts for the Archer in Your Life

If you (or Santa) need an idea of what to get the archer or bowhunter in your life this holiday season, look no further. I present to you a list of 7 gifts any archer would love to receive.


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 ArcHer bow Stickers


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Stickers are a fun, inexpensive gift that let your archer express herself. For example, this sticker, from ArcHER is perfect for a compound bow shooter who wants to show support for women in archery. The gift of a bow sticker is a great way to show you care without breaking the bank.


MSRP: $1

Arrow puller

Sometimes the target an archer shoots into is made of a tough material that makes it hard to get an arrow back out. Enter the arrow puller, a simple tool


MSRP: $8.99

Specialty archery peep sight


(Emily Monroe photo)

An upgraded peep sight is a great way to start customizing a bow. This hooded ¼-inch peep sight from Specialty Archery includes a peep hood, one size aperture that threads into the peep, and a wrench. The threaded peep hood will accept other sizes of inserts, including verifiers and clarifiers, to help get the most crisp sight picture possible (inserts sold separately). Swapping out the peep from the one that came with my bow helped me improve my shooting, and I can change out inserts to use the same bow indoors and outdoors with a clear sight picture.

Specialty Archery:

MSRP: $26 to $29

Cam protector 


(HeDog Archery on Facebook photo)

This bow add-on makes an excellent stocking stuffer. The HeDog Cam Protector attaches to the compound bow near the bottom cam, and it acts like a shoe so the archer can set the bow down without damaging the cam. Paired with a kickstand or a long stabilizer, a bow will stand anywhere the archer might be. This is useful indoors and out, so it’s a gift that works year-round. Plus, the variety of color options give you a chance to match the Cam Protector to the bow.

HeDog Archery:

MSRP: $44.95

Gift cards to local archery pro shops

Getting your favorite archer a gift certificate to her local bow shop is a win-win. The recipient gets to pick the archery-related gift she wants most. Whether it’s a bow accessory or a service, such as arrow tuning or string replacement, she can get to put your gift to use. Unlike a generic gift card, the archer in your life will know you went out of your way to get her something she is interested in (and not just a default, “I Ran Out of Other Ideas” kind of gift card). Plus, you are supporting a local business.

If you need help finding your local bow shop, Archery 360 can help. Just visit and type in your zip code!

MSRP: It’s your budget!

Recurve bow and recreational recurve package 

Want to get your whole family involved in archery? Buy a recurve bow! This bow, along with this recreational recurve package, contains everything you need to get started in archery. Why start with a recurve? By design a recurve bow lets the archer pull only as much draw weight as they can muster. Unlike a compound bow, which is complex by design and requires the archer to pull a minimum draw weight to shoot, a recurve is simple to assemble and shoot. With this gift the recipient is outfitted with a basic bow along with arm guard, arrows and a target face. After some instruction and a safety briefing, they are ready to hit the archery range.

MSRP: $129 and $69.99

USA Archery Recurve Bow:

Recreational Recurve Package:

Hard bow case


(Emily Monroe photo)

For the compound bow shooter, nothing says “I care about you and the thing you care about” like the gift of a hard bow case. This case from SKB fits compound bows both large (target) and small (hunting). Storing a bow in a hard case protects it from wear in transit to the range or tree stand, and it keeps the dust off the bow at home. This case has designated arrow storage that keeps the shafts from scratching and the arrow vanes from tumbling into each other. The bow can be Velcro-ed in place for an extra secure fit. If you can swing the cash, this is a gift your favorite archer will appreciate for years to come.

SKB iSeries Ultimate Double Bow Case:

MSRP: $369.99

I hope these ideas help you get something truly special for the archers you love the most. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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