HidingHilda Visits the Stan Jones Mallard Lodge

I feel as if I need to stand up in front of a group of purse addicts and say, “My name is Michelle Cerino and I’m addicted to concealed carry purses.” I blame Hiding Hilda for this addiction. I’m just loving the HidingHilda quilted fabric CCW bags and love taking them everywhere … which brings me to my latest trip — duck and pheasant hunting at the Stan Jones Mallard Lodge, Arkansas, as a guest of Remington Outdoor Company.

On this trip, I carried the HidingHilda 3 Zip Messenger in brown and green [MSRP: $89.99]. I love the green piping, as it creates quite a unique contrast with the brown-quilted fabric. As with their other purses I’ve carried, it’s perfect for left- or right-handed draw. The double zipper allows me to set up the opening where ever I want, and it even accommodates a top draw.


When I received an email from Remington asking if I wanted to go on a duck hunt in Arkansas my immediate response was “Yes!” … even though the hunt took place right before the Christmas holiday. Then I did a quick online search to find out more about the Stan Jones Mallard Lodge in Alicia, Arkansas.

Stan-Jones-Lodge-Cerino Stan Jones Mallard Lodge

The Stan Jones Mallard Lodge isn’t your run-of-the-mill rustic hunting outfit. I consider it more of a resort with all the amenities, including fine dining, a full workout facility, game room and a HUGE hot tub.

Stan-Jones-Mallard-Lodge-Cerino-5stand Stan Jones Mallard Lodge

For those who want to get in a little practice before heading out to the hunt, the lodge offers 5-stand and  a first-class skeet range.

Stan-Jones-Mallard-Yard-Cerino Stan Jones Mallard Lodge

When you step out back of the main building, you realize this isn’t just a hunting lodge. The tiered yard, water features and rock walls make it the perfect place for corporate events and weddings.

Water-Feature-Stan-Jones-Mallard-Lodge-Hidinghilda-Cerino Stan Jones Mallard Lodge

How beautiful is this waterfall? If you ask me, my HidingHilda purse looks quite stunning in the morning light.

Hiding-Hilda-STan-Jones-Mallard-Stan Jones Mallard Lodge

After a long day of hunting, the outdoor fireplace is a welcoming feature.

Did I really need a concealed carry purse at the Stan Jones Mallard Lodge … no. However, if I’d traveled by car, I surely would want my HidingHilda purse right next to me … just in case.

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Find out more about Stan Jones Mallard Lodge here.

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