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Retro WON: Take Time for Mini Adventures Along the Beaten Path

Sometimes a fun adventure is just short a detour away. That’s what The WON’s founder, Barbara Baird, and I found as we drove across Kansas on I-70 to attend the Kansas Governor’s Ringneck Classic. As we racked up the miles, we talked about the usual, kids, hunting, shooting and solving the world’s problems. That’s when we saw a sign for the World’s Largest Czech Egg. We were due for a stop to stretch the legs, and so we both thought, “why not?” Thus, we embarked on our first mini-adventure.

After our visit to Wilson’s beautifully painted attraction, we discovered that Kansas is riddled with interesting landmarks. We hatched a plan to visit more. Our next stop? A larger than life Van Gogh painting in Goodland.

We couldn’t ignore where the legend of Buffalo Bill began with its enormous bronze statue and a chilly lip-smacking hashtag challenge in Oakley: #kissthebuffalo.

Perhaps the most interesting and surprisingly artistic stop on our journey home was a quick rest stop at Bowl Plaza in Lucas.

When many people think of Kansas, they picture flat fields of wheat, corn and sunflowers, large farm tractors and tornadoes. Sportsmen often think of pheasant, pronghorn and monster whitetail and mule deer. Beyond that though, not unlike Egyptian pyramids or the Eiffel Tower, there are sights to be seen and small-town pride to experience.

In this instant gratification world, it seems we make every attempt to execute our travels with quick efficiency. I admit, I am guilty! Looking back on these memories though, I want to change that. The next time you make a road trip, consider doing the same and maximize your journey. Take a minute to take a selfie with a Van Gogh or kiss a buffalo. Make memories of your mini adventures that will have your smiling for years to come.

This Retro WON first appeared January 5, 2016.

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