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Body Armor: Do You Own Any?

Now more than ever, there is the need for women to consider the best ways to remain safe and protected as they go about their daily routine. With a sharp rise in urban crime, sexual assaults and random attacks in Europe, America, Canada and Australia –  women need to take protection into their own hands. Keeping protected through protective clothing seems like a logical piece of equipment to consider.

Body armor is the type of equipment, where size and fit are crucial to its efficiency. Loose or tight carriers compromise the quality of the gear, rendering it useless. Now, the focus of developers is on designing protective equipment that can fit women appropriately. And it’s not just about the difference in size when it comes to female body armor protection. The anatomy of women has also called for a redesign of how the gear fits.

Investing in soft body armor is something to consider as you may find yourself in a situation that calls for its use. Recent advancements in the design and materials used have allowed for carriers to become lighter and more comfortable. This means even women, who are not used to wearing a protective vest, can take advantage of the available models on the market.

Female Cordura Body armor

Why should women consider wearing body armor?

As the number of violent incidents in the US rapidly grows –  body armor is becoming increasingly important for women. This applies not only for female police officers, security guards and military operatives, but for civilians as well.

When it comes to protection levels – these are standard for both male and female body armor. While there are 6 levels of protection in ballistic armor, there are three forms of armor platforms: covert, overt armor and tactical overt.

Covert armor is worn under the clothing and can be easily concealed. It is lightweight and flexible, making it idea for prolonged use. Overt armor’s main function is to protect the wearer and can also be used to intimidate the opposition. It comes in a variety of colors, styles and levels, although it is usually used when a high threat level exists. Overt armor is bulkier and heavier than covert and it conveys a sense of authority. Tactical armor is worn in a situation that is associated with a high degree of risks that prove too much for soft armor to handle.

Female Coolmax Body armor

Armor effectiveness and comfort are both very important elements in choosing the style and type of vest that best works for you, regardless if you’re a female or male. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to body armor. Carefully select the protection level you’ll need and measure your torso to find the optimal fit that will keep your safe and comfortable.

Given that knife attacks and attacks with other sharp-edged and spiked weapons, you might want to consider body armor with combined protection. This will keep you safe against slashing attacks that will otherwise pierce the carrier. With the growing number of terrorist attacks, crime and random assaults in urban zones – investing in some quality protective equipment is essential to staying safe..

If you’re considering whether to purchase body armor for your own protection, there are various low profile carriers to choose from. Being adequately prepared against the types of threats you are likely to face in an urban environment can be the difference between life and death.

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