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Gun Review: Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP

I first shot the Springfield Armory 911 during a Las Vegas Desert Duel writer event back in November and knew right away I wanted to own one. This is quite unusual for me, since I often find pocket guns snappy and a 1911 for concealed carry isn’t my cup of tea … until now.


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The smooth low profile frame of the 911 .380 ACP pistol measures just 5.5 inches long and less than 4 inches high. With a flush 6-round and a 7-round extended magazine, the 911 offers an exceptional capacity for such a small platform. Designed for defensive use at close range, Springfield’s 911 has features anyone familiar with a 1911 would expect.


On the range, I first shot the gun at 15 yards offhand using American Eagle 95gr FMJ at a silhouette target. Most of my shots went off to the right, so I decided to take a few slow-aimed shots at a cross on the target at 10 feet. Yep, still off to the right. Upon further inspection of the sights, I noted the rear sight was definitely off about a pencil width, which is enough to make quite a difference at the distance I was shooting.


Target-911-Cerino-paper Springfield Armory 911


Since I didn’t have any tools with me, I decided to just shoot like I normally would, knowing my hits would be off to the right. I continued testing the 911 by stepping back to 15 yards with Blaser 95gr FMJ off-hand. With the extended magazine, I shot 8 rounds in rapid fire succession making a nice 2-inch group. Not bad!


911-steel-target-cerino Springfield Armory 911


Pushing the limits off the 911 even further, I walked back to 25 yards with 6 rounds. I missed my first shot at a 12-inch piece of steel, which reminded me at this distance I had to hold to the left to compensate for the sights. The next 5 rounds hit in a 4-inch group. That’s impressive for a gun designed for close range.


Springfield-911-box Springfield Armory 911


There are several reasons to carry a 911 for personal defense. Here are a few:

  • The trigger requires 5 pounds of pressure to break, which is a great weight for a carry pistol.
  • A loaded chamber indicator, ambidextrous safety and hammer provide both visual and tactile cues, allowing for various modes of carry.
  • An Ameriglo Pro-Glo green tritium front sight inside a yellow luminescent circle, and a tactical rack U-notch rear sight with green tritium inside of white luminescent circles provide fast target acquisition.
  • G10 thin-line grips and Octo-Grip texturing on the mainspring housing and front strap allow for a secure grip.
  • Springfield offers the 911 with integrated green Viridian laser grips.


Michelle Cerino shoots the Springfield Armory 911

If you enjoy shooting a 1911 or use one for concealed carry, I highly recommend the Springfield Armory 911. It’s a perfect size and a great shooting gun. Plus, it has an awesome tagline …

“When the police are minutes away and the threat is seconds away … 9-1-1 … When you have to be your own first responder.


4 configurations of the 911

Black MSRP: $599.00

Stainless  MSRP: $599.00

Black, Green Viridian Laser MSRP: $789.00

Stainless, green Viridian Laser MSRP: $789.00

Find out more about the Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP here.

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