Real Women, Real Moms, Real Life #WhyICarry

Real women, real moms and real life examples of Americans all across this nation flooded social media sites with the hashtag #WhyICarry, in regard to recent anti-gun rights marches held across this land. Prompted by a desire to be seen for who they really are, and not simply the caricature being painted by rights restrictors, and those who organized the recent anti-rights marches, the women you will meet below come from all walks of life and want to help others understand why they value their Second Amendment rights. What better time than the month of Mother’s Day to share the voices of strong, resilient and passionate protectors of life and liberty? In each woman’s own words learn #WhyICarry.


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Rebecca Schmoe #WhyICarry

Rebecca Schmoe

#WhyICarry These women, these moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, and beloved friends, have different reasons to carry, but there is one common thread throughout all of their responses. They each understand, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are valuable. They cannot be replaced. They each believe it is not only their unalienable right, but also their personal responsibility, to protect themselves from any who would choose to attempt to rob them off their life and well being. #prepared2protect

Amanda Suffecool WON Blog #WhyICarry

Amanda Suffecool

Sparta, OH

#WhyICarry Because I love and am loved. I carry to protect and support my family. I don’t look for a fight, but will defend with vehemence and ferocity. #GunGirl #2A #NRALife

Deb Sterling

Deb Sterling

I train and carry to protect those who are most precious to me, and to protect myself so my loved ones may never lose me to violence. #whyIcarry

Cassie Todd-Jameson

Cassie Todd-Jameson

Litchfield Park, AZ

#WhyICarry My family is my world and I want to be able to protect my loved ones if we are ever in danger. When seconds count, I know I am my own first responder. #secondamendment #2a #nra #nramom #twaw @the_well_armed_woman @twawshootingchapters

Sue Volz

Sue Volz

#whyIcarry Because my life or the life of a loved one might depend on me some day and I’d rather be the first responder than the first victim.

Suzie Hutchcraft

Suzie Hutchcraft

Overland Park, KS ·

To protect your family as well as my own. #whyIcarry

Branka Underwood

Branka Underwood

#whyIcarry Because I grew up in communism and it’s not a safe place to grow up in. Because I’ve seen hate and people wanting to kill me and mine just because of my nationality. Because I’ve seen people chopped to pieces with a machete. Because I don’t want to be afraid to walk to my car in a dark parking lot. Because there are too many evil people in this world and I will not allow them to hurt me or those around me. Because I have been beaten and have seen women on the edge of death for being beaten. BECAUSE I AM A SHEEPDOG! #secondamendment #comeandtakeit #glock34#womenempoweringwomen

Patricia Harrold

Patricia Harrold

Papillion, NE

I train the next generation of safe, responsible, and law abiding firearms owners. I impart the skills, knowledge and attitude required for individuals to become their own defender. I practice what I preach, I role model what I expect. This is #WhyICarry #2A #USCCA @Twawshootingchapters 

Cheryl Todd WON Article

Cheryl Todd

Avondale, AZ

#whyicarry – Because I am a fierce Mama-Bear who was born without fangs and claws, but rather, with the intellect to use tools and tactics of defense.

#whyicarry – Danger walks among us, and uses the element of surprise to gain the upper hand. Therefore, I must be prepared to be my own first responder, because I am the one who will be immediately responding to what is happening to me.

#whyicarry – To instill in my daughter and granddaughter that we are strong and capable women who value our Constitutional and civil rights and exercise these rights unencumbered, and as free American citizens, who need no permission from anyone to do so.

Tiffany Dillon

Tiffany Yerby Dillon

Again, #whyicarry This guy (my husband) is the love of my life and I will do all I can to protect him and have his six. He will do the same for me. It’s mutual and, as far as I’m concerned, a requirement between us. I carry everyday to protect my family, my friends and even those I don’t know if their life is in danger. I HOPE and PRAY that time NEVER, ever comes but, I am ready. #alwaysbeready #train #gunsafety #2a #womenwhocarry

Raquel Christina

Raquel Christina

#WhyICarry My gun is not a weapon, it is a shield. Two types of creatures exist … predators and prey … take cheetahs and gazelles as an example … we don’t deny the gazelle the right to use its horns, its tool, to defend itself against the cheetah. Gun control advocates believe cutting the horns off the gazelle is the way to protect the gazelle from becoming prey … they believe disarming law abiding citizens is going to make them less likely to be victims of crime. It is laughable how ridiculous this logic is. When predators have no opposition, more predators exist … criminals are opportunists. Criminals do NOT think like the law-abiding sane members of society.

Julie Golob

Julie A. Golob

We’ll see it on our social media feeds and all over the “news” how today many will march for gun control. We’ll see young and old voters alike proudly declare they have the right to vote their rights away. We’ll see signs and hear chants that vilify gun owners and the NRA. We’ll read the outrage over clear backpacks that punish the innocent while these same individuals hypocritically desire that the government punish the lawful gun owner instead.

Those marching have a loud and powerful voice thanks to the media. While this “movement” carries signs and shouts for change, I will be thinking about those who walk every day – the millions of law abiding citizens who use firearms to protect what matters most. Thanks to our Constitution, anyone can march for their beliefs, but we live, protect and preserve every day thanks to our Second Amendment. While they march when the cameras are rolling, we walk every day. You won’t see the media celebrate our efforts, but we vote, we walk and we #walkup #2a #whyicarry

Kim Bishop

Kim Bishop

Goodyear, AZ

I carry to keep the people I love the most safe. We never know when or if danger will cross our path but what I do know is I will be prepared. It won’t matter evil’s size or strength because I have the greatest equalizer on my hip. If a fight is to come I will be prepared to be my own first responder until help can reach me. My firearm is a tool of safety the same as a fire extinguisher. I am going to call for help but I will not wait helplessly for the minutes it will take for assistance to arrive. I will have the tools to keep myself and my loved ones safe. It is my right. #WhyICarry #shallnotbeinfringed #2AWarrior #NRA #fairfight


  • About Cheryl Todd

    Cheryl Todd is the executive producer and co-host of “Gun Freedom Radio,” owner of AZFirearms Auctions, Pot Of Gold Auctions and founder of the grassroots movement Polka Dots Are My Camo. Cheryl is the Arizona state director for The DC Project and travels the country speaking as a champion for our Second Amendment rights. She is a driving force in preserving the legacy of freedom for generations to come.