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Over the course of this past summer, I found myself religiously watching Animal Planet’s highest-rated TV show “River Monsters.” I was intrigued by Jeremy Wade’s passion and his obsession to unlock the secrets of what lurks beneath the surface. The feeling was so contagious that I too felt the need to cast a line on the nearest source of water with fish that I could find. Luckily enough for me, there is a man-made lake right in my own backyard here in Chico, California.

I google-search for types of fish residing in California Park and results return for bass, bluegill, and carp–and rumor has it that even a few sturgeons have been known to show their presence in this area. I devise a plan that very night that after I finish work the following afternoon, I will head to the local Big 5 Sporting Goods store and purchase my first fishing rod.

As the following morning progresses into the afternoon, I find it hard to focus on my daily work tasks. My mind is focused on one thing and one thing only: fishing! The thought of stepping out of my comfort zone and embarking on something that I have never attempted before excites me. The hours cannot not go by fast enough until I can offer up my credit card as sacrifice and be endowed with my rod of choice.

fishing Annastasia

The clock finally strikes 2:30pm and I power-walk to my car as if I’ve entered some sort of extreme-walking marathon. I cannot turn they key fast enough to get moving… and then the traffic just seems to come to a halt. It’s as if some mythical superpower is working against me. It seems like hours have passed until I finally arrive at Big 5.

I enter the store and immediately notice the fishing section to my left. I head toward the rod section and I am bombarded with numerous choices. As someone who has never fished before, I have no idea which reel combo to purchase. I start to feel overwhelmed with what seems like unlimited options–and no one is asking me if I need any assistance.

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