7 Top Female Anglers Making Waves Across Social Media

The top female anglers in the fishing community are women who inspire and empower other women to get out on the water by setting a strong example. Let’s tip our lucky fishing hats to a group of women aren’t as much about being famous female anglers, as they are about consistently demonstrating that they don’t wait for respect, they simply reel it in. These seven top female anglers have been making waves in the fishing community and across social media with darn good reason.

Ashley Rae female anglers


Ashley Rae is a year-round multi-species angler from Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). Although she wasn’t raised in a fishing family, it was a friend of the family who introduced her to the sport at the age of 5. Today Ashley shares her passion for fishing through writing articles and blogs for various publications and websites internationally. She has hosted television episodes on the World Fishing Network, and travels to various trade shows to present seminars. To help educate and inspire other female anglers, Ashley hosts fishing events for women on the ice and during the open water season. She is also active on social media and loves to connect with other anglers from around the world.



Alissa can pinpoint the precise moment when her passion for fishing was sparked. She was just 4 years old when her father taught her how to catch mud minnows out of a ditch on the side of road in Beaufort, SC., From that moment forward, she was hooked. These days, she is a licensed United States Coast Guard Captain who runs a 2014 Beavertail Strike out of Tampa Bay and the surrounding waters as a part-time guide. Her patient attitude provides her the ability to effectively teach beginners the techniques of casting a fly rod, catching bait, or working a lure, and how natural factors influence fish and their movement. She is always seeking new fishing adventures and looks forward to a lifetime of fishing.




Cindy has been fishing the Texas coastline since she was tiny tot, primarily off the beaches, piers and jetties in Galveston, TX with her family. During the summer months, they travel to Seadrift, TX to fish off the rigs with our family and friends. While in Texas, you can often find her on her kayak stalking redfish, trout and flounder. Her best days in life have been on the water, and every time she hears someone say, “I wish my kid liked to fish, but they get bored.” She tells them “You need to take them catching!” – it was croakers and pinfish that got Cindy hooked when she was young. While her passion is light-tackle inshore fishing, she revels at any opportunity to chase offshore species. Her goal for fishing is to take her passion for the sport as well as to promote the lifestyle and women’s fishing gear as best she can.

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