#FridayFIX: A Quick Guide to Building a Birdhouse

Birdhouse construction is a timeless DIY project that’s fun to do at any age. In fact, this fun pastime has been around for hundreds of years. Commonly known as nest boxes, birdhouses were historically constructed from clay, wood, lightweight aluminum, or other natural materials and were used to protect and provide shelter from the outdoor elements for the cute little creatures. Here are some tips and things for you to keep in mind when building a birdhouse, as well as ideas for building one with your family.


Anatomy of a Birdhouse

These mini houses for our feathered friends really haven’t changed much over the years. The anatomy of a birdhouse more or less always stays the same. Whether you make it out of a plastic milk jug with your kids or build it yourself out of hand-crafted wood, its form and function are the same. Every birdhouse is essentially a cavity for birds to build nests in and a shelter from weather and predators. Birdhouses typically have a small entrance hole and a place for the little guys to perch. A slanted roof is ideal to keep the nest dry.

anatomy-of-a-birdhouse building a birdhouse

Crafting a Birdhouse with Young Children

For young children aged four to ten, making a birdhouse is a great way to get them to use their imagination, learn fine motor skills, and work with their hands. For an inexpensive activity, you can construct a birdhouse out of recycled materials found around the house. Consider repurposing and upcycling items like milk cartons, coffee cans, tin cans, or even soda bottles. Another option is to purchase a pre-made birdhouse from a local craft store and paint and decorate it. Small unfinished wood houses can be purchased for as little as one dollar.

A recycled milk carton is ideal because the top of the carton that will serve as a roof is sloped. To make a milk carton birdhouse, make sure it is clean and dry. Draw the entrance hole on the front of the carton approximately two inches from the bottom. Use a sharp craft knife to cut out the hole. Let your children paint the birdhouse in the color of their choice, and give them the freedom to paint it however they want with polka dots, stripes, or other fun patterns. You can embellish the birdhouse with sticks collected from the yard for the roof. Glue another stick below the hole to create a perch, or punch two holes in the tab where your roof begins and tie a string there to hang it from a tree. You can also fill your birdhouse with bird seed and use it as a bird feeder.


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