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Project ChildSafe: Tips for Moving Across Country or Driving Long Distances

Courtney Nicolson is an outdoor TV producer, hunter, and amateur competition shooter and is our featured in this self-produced video, sponsored by Project ChildSafe. Courtney shares tips for moving across country or driving long distances with your firearms safely and securely.

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Sponsored by NSSF

  • Research the firearms laws of the states and cities that you will be driving through to make sure that your firearms are both legal and secured properly.
  • Clean and inspect all of your firearms for previous damage and condition.
  • Disassemble and pack into secure cases. Hard cases are best for their rugged nature and stackability.
  • Lock with trigger or cable locks, or pad locks on the exterior of the case. Check back to state laws to make sure you’re in compliance.
  • Make a document of all of the serial numbers of your firearms. If you have values for each in your homeowners insurance, bring that document along with you. Snap cell phone photos of each firearm, including its serial number. That way, you can see the condition of each one.
  • Store your firearms in the rear of your vehicle. This can be the trunk, hatchback or back seat. It is important that they are not within reach of the driver. If storing in the bed of a truck, make sure they will stay secure and dry.
  • If traveling with ammo, store as far away from your firearms as possible. This can be in the front passenger seat on the floor.
  • If staying overnight during your journey, be sure to bring your firearms inside to avoid theft or damage.


By following these tips you will have a safe and easy trip with your firearms to your new home. When you arrive at your destination, do a thorough inspection of all firearms for anything missing or damaged. Don’t let an exciting move turn into a bad situation. 

About Project ChildSafe:

Project ChildSafe is a program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation to promote firearms safety and education. We are committed to promoting genuine firearms safety through the distribution of safety education messages and free firearm safety kits to communities across the U.S. Find out more about Project ChildSafe here.

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  • About Courtney Nicolson

    Courtney Nicolson is an outdoor writer, hunter, and angler based in Denver, Colo. She is an active member of numerous conservation groups and is passionate about empowering women in the outdoors. Courtney is the senior producer/editor for Outdoor Sportsman Group Networks.