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Washington Women Outdoors September Events

Washington Women Outdoors (WWO) is a non-profit organization that is run almost entirely by volunteers. They engage in outdoor activities instructed by women in the D.C. area. Activities are available for all skill levels to inspire the beginner and to challenge the more advanced. Here are September events for Washington Women Outdoors. Please join us for canoeing/camping, hiking, biking, and CPR and first aid training.

Washington Women Outdoors tree climbing Washington DC

Washington Women Outdoors September Events

September 2 Exploring the Anacostia River Trail Bike Ride
September 9 CPR and Basic First Aid Training for WWO Leaders
September 15 Montgomery County Farm Bike Ride
September 15-16 Canoe and Overnight Camping on Susquehanna River
September 16 Ford Mine and River Trails at Great Falls Half-Day Hike
September 22 The Rocks: Wolf, Chimney, and Cat Rock Day Hike
September 22 Anne Arundel Adventure Bike Ride
September 29 Backpacking Committee Meeting & Social
September 29 Between the Rivers Bike Ride

Who Are We?

Washington Women Outdoors (WWO) is a non-profit organization that is run almost entirely by volunteers. We engage in outdoor activities in the Washington, DC area where women share skills, experience, strengths, and support to enhance and expand each woman’s world. We welcome women of diverse ages, races, and lifestyles. WWO provides instruction by women for women. Activities are available for all skill levels to inspire the beginner and to challenge the more advanced.

Who are WWO Members?

WWO members are independent women who seek adventure in the outdoors. We have a passion for hiking, biking, rock climbing, caving, backpacking, kayaking, cross country skiing, horseback riding, hang gliding, and anything that tests our strength and broadens our horizons. We enjoy meeting new people who want to travel with us to beautiful places in the wilderness. If you are open to learning new things in a supportive environment and enjoy sharing the outdoors with other women, we invite you to join us.

More About WWO’s Philosophy and Trips

Our activities help women develop their competence, comfort and natural place in the outdoors. We offer, by example and training, a program for leadership development. We encourage each woman’s sense of well-being and power. We enjoy and strive to protect the earth that we share with all living creatures.

We scout our hiking and biking trips. Each trip is led by two leaders. One leader stays at the front of the group and the second leader is the sweep. Each participant is encouraged to participate at her own pace, and the sweep is there to ensure that no one is left behind. We want each participant to go at their own pace so that they enjoy their experience and come back to the outdoors.

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