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Outdoor Life with Kids: Products that Go Along

In a world where you can be anything, being a mother shouldn’t change that. As mothers, we tend to focus on our children’s needs and often forget our own. Sometimes we forget to make time for ourselves or for activities that allow us to decompress and reenergize. There are so many products on the market today that provide outdoorsy mothers the opportunity to go on the same adventures as before they had children, but with everything they need when a kid is in tow. If you are an outdoors mom, mother-to-be or have a friend or family member who is expecting soon, here are some suggestions on the products that make outdoor life with kids much easier.

Hollis's baby announcement

Hollis’s baby announcement

My daughter is 18 now, and products have come a long way since she was a little one, so I reached out to some friends with younger children for product advice. You are probably wondering why this matters to me since there are no babies in my future (maybe a grandbaby, but many years from now). Well, I will tell you why … a dear friend of mine, fellow WON blogger Hollis Lumpkin, will soon have a baby girl. Hollis hunts, fishes and spends more time outside than anyone I know. That will change a little after the new one arrives,  but it shouldn’t have to change much. Here’s the reason for the search for the perfect gift; I want to get her a gift that will help her keep her “on-the-go” lifestyle as a new mom.

Ciao Portable High Chair

Kristi & Kade at an event with the Ciao portable high chair.

Ciao Portable High Chair

Kristi Stevens, known as http://shoptini.com/ on social media, is a fashionista, outdoors woman and adventure seeker. Nothing slows this woman down. Kristi gave me several suggestions, but she said, “The best baby gift we received was hands down the Ciao! baby portable high chair. We use it in our home, at restaurants, outdoors, when we travel … basically everywhere!” I would have paid double for one of these when my daughter was little. My lap was used as the highchair occasionally and looked just like you would expect it to after a small child sat in your lap eating. 

MSRP:  $59.99 to $79.99, styles and color vary

baby carrier

Amy on the go with her child in tow, prepping for elk season

Ergobaby Carrying Pack

The Ergobaby is designed to grow with your baby from week 1 to 48 months, but if you are Amy – who is a serious elk hunter – you might take that 48 months and push it to 6 years. “Closest a new mom can get to growing a second set of hands. I would even use my Ergobaby to pack my 6-year-old daughter 5 miles a couple times a week as part of my training for hunting season,” said Amy Rutzen, a high-altitude hunter from Colorado, an outdoor writer and pro staff for SHWAT.  What a way to go give those legs a workout and spend time with your little one. 

MSRP:  $98 to $179, styles and color vary

Veer Cruiser

Kristi & Kade exploring.

Veer Cruiser

They are never too young to start spending time outdoors, learning an appreciation for nature and they nap so well after taking in plenty of fresh air … giving you a little downtime after the adventure. When Kristi is ready for an adventure, but knows her a little one can’t keep up, she brings her Veer Cruiser along. Kristi said, “The Veer Cruiser has helped keep my family in the outdoors – from camping weekends to fairs/festivals and everything in between! This rugged wagon folds down well for travel, assembles in 5 easy snaps and is rugged enough to keep up with our active lifestyle. Can’t wait to take it to hunt camp this fall!”

MSRP:  $599

sleeping baby

Amy’s bundle of joy resting, cozy and warm.

Blanket Options

Does cold weather keep us in? Absolutely not! Adventures are waiting on us, no need to stop them just pack accordingly. “Whether you’re hiking, camping or just cheering on the home team, a down bunting or blanket will outperform any other material to keep your munchkin warm,” added Amy.

MSRP:  Down Buntings range from $79 to $149, based on brand, style and color.  

Sereena Thompson GWG clothing,

Sereena teaching them young.


I checked in with Sereena Thompson on her go-to attire for outdoor adventures with her little ones. “I love that Girls With Guns® Clothing is versatile enough for the busy mom and can work in any situation thrown our way. Whether we are hunting, doing daily chores, or just being outside with our kids, their clothing line, especially the hunting line, definitely exceeds my expectations,” said Sereena Thompson. This busy mamma of 2 is a hunter’s education instructor, USA archery Level 2 instructor and outdoor enthusiast, no question that she needs versatile clothing that works for every situation. She also owns Nature’s Paint, a camo face paint company.

fold n Go bassinet

At hunting camp ready for bedtime

Brica Fold N’ Go Bassinet

Especially when out on adventures with their parents, babies need naptime. For this reason, Brica makes a Fold N’ Go travel bassinet that is light weight, takes up a small amount of space and features a push-button fold design for easy transport and storage. “The travel bassinet makes staying away from home for a night or several easier. Most baby gear takes up a lot of space and this travel bassinet folds down flat when you don’t need it or pops out quickly for a nap anywhere,” said Ashley Cox, outdoorswoman, mother of 2 and teacher.

MSRP:  $34.99

After talking to some of the most awesome outdoors mothers, I finally have some great gift ideas for my friend. Hollis, if you are reading this, I am not telling you my pick … but I promise it has been tested and verified by some amazing outdoors mamas (and kids) in the world. 

About Jessica Kallam:

Guest contributor Jessica Kallam manages press relations and public affairs for Remington Outdoor Company.  She has been in the hunting industry for 18+ years.  Jessica grew up in the outdoors, but didn’t start hunting until later in life; now, she is a passionate hunter, shooter and outdoors woman.  When she is not managing company communications, on an event or writing about her latest adventure, she can be found on a range, in the woods, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding or looking for a new adventure.


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