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Top 10 Most-Read BoatUS Magazine Stories of 2018

A fascination with celebrity boaters and dramatic boat collisions combined with practical boating tips and the desire to learn from others’ mistakes were just some of the most-read topics to make BoatUS Magazine’s Top 10 Stories of 2018. The magazine is the nation’s most widely read recreational boating publication, delivered to more than half a million members of Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS).

BoatUS Tow boat
“Top 5 Reasons Boats Get Towed” was one of the most widely read BoatUS Magazine stories of 2018 (credit: TowBoatUS Bayshore)

To view any of these BoatUS Magazine Top 10 stories of 2018, go to www.BoatUS.com/2018-Top-10.

  1. Close Call: Boats Collide”: The skipper of a 35-foot sailboat is lucky to be alive after a 37-foot charter fishing boat struck his boat at speed.
  2. Extended Tax Provisions for Boaters”: Congress kept the tax deductions in 2018 for recreational vessels with a sleeping berth, cooking and toilet facilities.
  3. Mistakes Boat Owners Make That Can Cost Them”: We’ve seen it all, and we’ve seen the same mistakes again and again. Don’t let these happen to you.
  4. Top 5 Reasons Boats Get Towed”: BoatUS claims data can tell us why, but we don’t like to point out problems without solutions. A towing expert shares what you can do to avoid these situations altogether.
  5. Jimmy Buffett: a Pirate Looks at 71”: ‘Gulf-and-western’ musician, singer, songwriter, and author, Jimmy Buffet, has a new sailboat. Here’s a look inside the Ted Fontaine-designed Drifter.
  6. 3 New Boats Under $30K”: Can you buy a new boat for less than most new cars? You bet you can!
  7. Improving Fishing Regulations for Recreational Anglers”: Legislation aimed at improving fishing regulations is working its way through the U.S. Congress, and BoatUS is on watch for you.
  8. How to Splice Double-Braid Line”: Mooring warps, halyards, sheets, and plenty of other lines aboard all use double-braid. Avoid weak knots by learning how to add an eye splice yourself.
  9. Boat Cleaning Tips”: Our BoatUS editors share their most difficult boat-cleaning dilemmas. Here are some slick solutions.
  10. Biobutanol: The Ethanol Alternative”: Biobutanol is an ideal substitute for the engine-damaging ethanol that boaters have been forced to use. What is it, and when will we see it in marinas?

About BoatUS Magazine:

BoatUS – Boat Owners Association of The United States – is the nation’s leading advocate for recreational boaters providing government representation, helpful services and money-saving discounts. Its flagship publication, BoatUS Magazine, is the largest circulation recreational marine publication in the US reaching more than half a million members with engaging content that speaks to their passion for recreational boating and experience on the water. Go to BoatUS.com/Magazine for more.

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